247 Breathe

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 9th May 2017

Okay chaps, so the New Balance 247’s have really made a mark in the industry with their unbelievably slick finish – on top of the fact that once they’re on your feet you feel pretty much unstoppable.  But the new Breathe Pack from New Balance is just tooo jas! 

So this new Breathe Pack was designed for the “hot months ahead” (obviously for the Northern Hemisphere ouens that are heading into their summer – acting like they know what heat is!). So in the words of some clever dude, what New Balance did was develop the kick with an;

“Ultra-breathable mesh toe.”

In other words they inviting that refreshing draft into the toes for all you crusty mothef*ckers that don’t believe in socks. I mean check how duid’lik this gent looks in these kicks – like if they look that tight on him they definitely going to boost you.

Sorry, seriously though if you want to strap yourself up with a pair of these kicks – holla at the members at Shelflife who’ve got the hook up!

New Balance 247 Breathe Pack – Grey

New Balance 247 Breathe Pack – Navy

New Balance 247 Breathe Pack – White

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Halfway Crooks


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