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Halfway Crook:
/hɑːfˈweɪ krʊk/
A poser. Someone who professes to live one style of life but reality tells a much different story. Used as a diss in freestyle rapping to describe someone who claims to be a thug or hard, but is very much the opposite.”

Sounds a bit like you doesn’t it? Don’t worry we won’t snitch; you’re actually doing a pretty good job hiding it. We only know cause we’re out here pulling the same stunts, trying to keep the wool over everybody’s eyes.

Dreamers with our head in the clouds, trying to act like we’ve got it all worked out. When in truth we’re just faking it and hoping we get it right, before someone notices we’re Taylor Swift at a Bone Thugs n Harmony gig.

Just a bunch of Halfway Crooks, sliding up hills and trying to keep the dream alive.

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