Adidas & Loafer

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 16th February 2017

So Adidas Skateboarding has recently dropped their new Adidas Acapulco Slip-OnYes you read it correctly – Adidas just dropped a new loafer. Now we not sure what business Adidas Skateboarding has with loafer swag but they up and f*ckin’ did it, didn’t they. According to some these new slip-ons bring some serious value-add;

“The Acapulco delivers a laid-back vibe and style to skate feel, aesthetic and performance for riders when on or off the board.”

Anyway with all that aside – Adidas actually did quite a job on these. I mean they’re no kicks, but they’re pretty fly slip-ons. Take a look and tune us your thoughts on the Adidas Acapulco Slip-Ons.

Update: We have since been notified by Adidas South Africa product reps that these will not be available in SA, so you’re gonna have to call in some favours if you’re looking to cop a pair.

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