Birthday Tribute to ‘The Greatest’ [Video]

By Mayo / Sports / 18th January 2017

Mohammed Ali is often regarded to as one of the most significant and celebrated sports stars of the 20th century. Yesterday would have marked the legends 75th Birthday and just 7 months after he passed the memory of his successes is still very much apart of us.

Ali inspired people worldwide for many different reasons and is often rightly referred to as “The Greatest”. Yes we know this is thin ice to tread on handing out a title like that, but nobody can doubt what the man did and the impact he made in and out of the ring! So shhh and keep your debate for another day! From his lightning fast feet, to his humanitarian work and even to his incredible smack talk, Ali truly was a timeless champion.

“If you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize”

Have a look at this “The Greatest” tribute and then a collection of his funniest moments made in honor of his 75th! R.I.P Champ!

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