Blood, Sweat & Not A Single F*

By Archie / Sports / 14th November 2016

By now we sure that all ya’ll have heard that history has been made by none other than the Notorious MMA – Connor McGregor; when he laid into Eddie Alvarez in the early hours of Sunday morning (SA time) at Madison Square Gardens. The beating delivered by McGregor embedded him into the history books, by becoming the first fighter to hold two UFC belts simultaneously.

This champ is the full package, exhibiting a level of confidence that is second to none – with his statement;

” I am built to inflict irreparable damage.” 

Made after the weigh-in, reassuring the Crooks confidence in the man.


The Notorious did not take long to apply the irreparable damage to his opponent, with referee John McCarthy stopping the fight early into the second round. In case you missed it, have a look at the full fight highlights below.

But the real question as to why we love this man so much was answered in a post-match interview where he came out and said;

“I just want to say from the bottom of me heart, I’d just like to take this time to apologize… to absolutely nobody. The double champ does whatever he wants!”

Can the champ be stopped?!

It seems unlikely. However, the UFC might have to come to the table if they want to see him step into the octagon again. This after McGregor reported that before he steps forth into the fray he wishes to receive fair compensation for his worth – which according to him is shares in the UFC.

Crazy or not this man is one of the most entertaining fighters of his time, and has the full backing of the Crooks.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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