Breaking The Habit [Interview]

By Mayo / Word on the Street / 28th February 2017

The gents from Urban Cowboy Productions are set to release their powerful documentary on the life of professional BBoy Cheslyn Meyer this coming Sunday.

Breaking The Habit” is set in Shauderville and follows Cheslyn ‘BBoy Rhythm’ Meyer through the everyday struggles of the youth in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth which are overcome by gansterism, substance abuse and violence. Cheslyn is a professional BBoy by trade and has had the opportunity to represent The Motherland on multiple occasions overseas. His story is one of hope and courage as he continually strives to make a difference is his community through providing breakdancing as the platform to lift kids out of their everyday vices and raise a new generation of change makers.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Producer Ryan Moss and Production Manager Deradie Lombard to dig a bit deeper into what inspired this project and how life was winning dance-offs and pounding the pavements of Shauderville, Port Elizabeth.

‘Breaking The Habit’ airs Sunday March 5th at 18:05 on eTV.

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