Vat Hom Fluffy


Vat Hom Fluffy

For all you rugby lovers out there, the Crooks thought we had to share some invaluable information with you. Provided to us by one of the most reliable sources around – a drop dead gorgeous young lady.

“The acceleration of the body is …


DJ Milkshake – Savage [Music Video]

DJ Milkshake has dropped the official music video for his track – Savage ft. Da Les, Maggz & Nadia Nakai. Not much can be said about this clip – the music video itself is sick, but to be honest with you we wouldn’t go so …


Saucony Swag

Saucony have recently dropped their – Saucony Grid SD Quilted Tan/Grey, and tell you what chaps these kicks are drop dead gorgeous! Something completely new and fresh in comparison to the stitch work, design and colouring schemes we have seen coming …


Originals Meet Boost

The end of January is near, the coffers are dry and guys are waiting on that next paycheck like your mate Jim to move out the friend-zone. Patience Jim. Fear not though as we have just organized your life and …


Monday Mishaps #12

Let’s take a trip back in time to our often wasteful days at school which consisted mainly of copying homework, weekly detention, trying to be the class clown, tedious assemblies, finding someone clever to sit next to in a test …


Mannequin Challenge – Monday Mishaps #11

Planking was cool in 2010, then we had homies going wild with the nek nominations and the ice-bucket challenge two years ago. Now in November of 2016, the mannequin challenge has taken off.
Some classic scenes captured as this member gets …


Monday Mishaps #10

So homies… Mr. Trump is the new ‘Merican president… To be honest, we have no idea who to turn to when it comes to answers.
But our home boy Trevor Noah has our back – providing us with reasons to laugh …


GorillaPod – Swipe of the Week #9

Ladies and gents, we would like to introduce you all to the most user-friendly, versatile and valuable consumer photography protect of 2016, the GorillaPod.
The GorillaPod is a compact, flexible tripod that can be fixed to almost surface – eliminating the …


Monday Mishaps #7

“Margot Robbie needs a tongue punch in the fart box.”
The week has started and happiness has ended… Let’s squeeze in one more laugh before we start half-arsing our way through work.

Now switch off your device and get working!
A Halfway Crook


Strait Up G’s Chasing Those Straight A’s [Study Playlist]

Up early at your desk, chugged a double shot of Ricoffy, books are out and highlighters are on flique. But your mind is tired – feels clogged – and wont get out of neutral…
Let the Crooks get the ball rolling …