Upcomer Get your Vise On: Season 1


Upcomer Get your Vise On: Season 1

Season 1 Episode 1: Shine Bright Like A Diamond:

So you wanna be a star huh? Well guess what a star is an erupting ball of gas that exudes light that can be seen from millions of kilometres away, and …


Everything You Didn’t Know About St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patricks Day!
Everybody text your friends, all wear green, go to a pub and get completely shit faced!
But wait. What are we actually celebrating? Who the fuck is St Patrick and why do I even care?
These are some …


Why You Should Know – Ezzy

Ezzy, a name that in our opinion needs to be receiving more attention. Why, you may ask – well simply put this kid is the sh*t. Now before we start preaching over how great he is and all the heat …


The Most Assists – Gemini Major

Gemini Major has been praised as the most in demand producer and collaborator right now, and who can argue it. Everything this champ touches turns to gold. Producing for the likes of Cassper (Skelm, Fever), Riky Rick (Sidlukotini) and Nasty C (Pressure), as well …


Jet Life X Reebok Club C85

Reebok has done another epic collaboration that you need to hear about! This time teaming up with New Orleans rapper Curren$y. This collaboration has delivered something truly special – influenced by the rapper lifestyle and love for the gangster way, the Jet Life x Reebok Club …


Interview: Nelmontajh

We sat down with the high energy artist out of Cape Town: Nelmontajh.
You may remember him from the feature we did earlier in 2016; strongly advising you to add him to your threat list. Now is your chance to get know …


What 3 Words

“Meet me at Tides.Spades.Bubble”
“Where are you?” “I’m at Udder.Leopard.Gazed”
“Delivery address: Potbelly.Telegraphy.Entangled”
“Drop me off at Primal.Alkaline.Rodeo”
“Go to entrance Limp.Meerkats.Conduct”

These instructions sound completely ridiculous, but they just may become part of our every day communication in the future.
Because of What3Words: the global …


Update: Mabala Noise calls Riky Rick a Liar

This morning Riky Rick announced his departure from Mabala Noise (here).
Mabala Noise spokesman Mhlo Gumede has since issued a statement that Riky Rick still has an active contract with Mabala and they have no idea what he’s talking about.
“I don’t …


Riky Rick Leaves Mabala Noise

After his speech at the Metro FM awards, the streets were speculating there would be a clap back. This morning on Twitter Riky Rick confirmed he is no longer part of Mabala Noise:
“I didn’t think about the consequences or who …


Who Killed Christopher Wallace

“Fuck these guys, Lets get out of here,” Christopher mumbled to Puff. He had cancelled a flight to Europe for this, in an attempt to make peace with the people of The West Coast; but when he got on stage at …