Charlie Snuff – Hip Hop’s Outlaw

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 25th May 2017

Meet  Tristan Snyckers AKA Charlie Snuff.

The self-proclaimed Outlaw of Hip Hop; an independent Rapper from the Mothercity, Cape Town.

He produces his own instrumentals as well as records and writes his own material. His music career began in 2015 ,with the release of his aptly named mixtape: “The Mixtape”.

Music has been his life-long passion and he started making music at the tender age of 14 and this 20 year old Rapper has worked harder than most since then.

He has a style created from a hybrid of old and new school Hip Hop, as well as taking influences from EDM and Trip Hop. Think Ph Fat with more range and lyrical flow.

His music is Raw and Emotional, delivering topics ranging from politics to the frustrations of day to day life.

Check him out, let us know what you think:


The Halfway Crooks

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