COLORS Studios

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 21st December 2016

COLORS Studios have been compiling some of the coolest videos we’ve seen on the internet in a while. The idea is simple – put soulful artists in a lit studio and record them dropping bars. The execution is perfect and we just can’t get enough it.


“Music is the most accessible art form there is. It bind things together. People, cultures, ideas, emotions. It influences and catalyses everything around us.

In a highly fragmented and democratized musical landscape genres only have little boundaries and often fade into one another. Just like colors do. Our attention goes to everything that has got soul. From hip hop to indie, electronic, r&b and pop.”


We compiled a few of our favourites just for your viewing pleasure.

Kirk Knight – 10 000

Your boy goes in non-stop for 2 minutes.

Goldlink – Rough Soul

We couldn’t help but replay this one 5 times, so smooth from one of the best flows in the game right now.

Anne-Marie – Alarm

Anne-Marie just dripping with swag.

Fat Tony – Waterfalls

Fat Tony flies in over a chopped up beat that you’ll recognise when the time is right.

STÖÖKI SOUND – Live Session

That UK grime power, so unique and we love it.


The Halfway Crooks

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