Conquer The Cape [VIDEO]

By Bugsy / Sports / 12th October 2016


Deep in the hills of the Franschhoek Pass some tyre destruction occurred; thanks to the team from Red Bull South Africa and Mad Miket Whiddet the Kiwi drifting genius. We know anything New Zealand is still a rather touchy subject, however this video is proudly South African! Mad Mike flies around the Pass at speeds of up to 248km/h in the Mazda RX8. A 800+HP, 3 rotor, turbo beast #BADBUL.

“The danger element is very real and you have to stay super focused. You go to race tracks and competitions you push beyond your boundaries and if you slide off the track you have run offs and sand traps, you have k-rail and tyre walls… here, if you slide off the road, it’s game over.” Mad Mike Whiddett on the Franschhoek Pass.

I know I am not the only one who has to resist the urge to give it horns while coming down Sir Lowry’s; so for all the petrol head dreamers out there, this one is for you!



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