Drake Drops OVO Collaboration “Veldskoene” – Gives Africa No Credit

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 27th May 2017

So your boy Drake is at it again. The guy loves “borrowing” from Africa and claiming it’s his original stuff.

To be fair he’s one of the biggest artists in the world and putting Black Coffee on has done big things for Afro House worldwide, but this is a step too far.

Today he launched his OVO shoe collaboration with British brand: Clarks. Now I know you’re all feeling the same way; wait a minute – those are fucking veldskoene. Yes they are, aptly named “Desert Boots” by Clarks. Come on man get outta here with that Desert Boot nonsense. You don’t see us launching a range of African style kilts and calling them “woodland skirts” or some bullshit. The worst part of all though, is that they’re not even dropping in Africa. Europe and America only.

Because look we’ll be honest, as much as we’re sour about him gripping a veldskoen or 2 and claiming to be a fashion visionary – they are hella tight, and we’d probably be first in line to buy a pair. Just wish Drizzy would throw some cred where it’s due for once.


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