Exclusive Interview: Michael Douglas(DJ) [Video]

By Gustavo / Beats / 4th October 2016

We sat down with the Michael Douglas boys at Mixlab‘s Deep on Deck in Wilderness last weekend, to chat about the breakout year that 2016 has been for them.

They started this year spinning the soundtrack to Sunday’s demons at Vice City, and now find themselves as the youngest residents on Kinky Disco’s bill for the Summer season. Their event series; The Deep End has been a revelation and has featured some seriously power artists, such as Oliver Koletzki and Renato Rodriguez. This year also saw them playing one of the most memorable sets at Afrikaburn’s Camp Skaduwee,and closing for big names such as Teenage Mutants and Niko Shwind at packed out venues in Frankfurt.

The secret to their exponential rise is an unparalleled love and commitment to playing, combined with tech house sets that are so fire, that they must have been forged in the depths of Mordor.

They’ll never turn down a gig, and this was proved to us when they played an earlier set at Deep on Deck, just so that they could get in the car afterwards and make the 4 hour drive back t0 CT and play the 23:30 slot at Kinky’s season opening at ERA, later that night. This also served to prove their adaptability and range. They treated our ears to one of the better day-time tech house sets that we’ve heard, and our sources at ERA that night informed us that their set in the main room nearly tore the roof off the place.

The scariest part of it all, is that they manage to be everywhere, whilst simultaneously studying Chemical Engineering. Feel like a bad person yet? Don’t worry, so do we.

We don’t know if it’s because they’ve blown up quicker than they could actually realise, but they’re the most humble, low-key guys you could hope to come across. They click together perfectly and it’s so refreshing to see the chemistry that is so evident in their sets, shine through when you chat to the both of them.

Keep an eye out for these gents because they’re on their way to the top, and they aren’t wasting any time doing it.

Bonus: A playlist of some of their best sets.


The Halfway Crooks

Photo Cred: Michael Douglas Facebook

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