F*ck That’s Delicious is Back!

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 31st January 2017

Action Bronson and The Crook‘s favourite cooking show is back for another season. For any of you that think we’re clowning around when we say that – we’re not. The show cracks an 8,3 on IMDB, which is better than 90% of the mild rubbish you guys watch on a daily basis.

This is better than Masterchef Australia, don’t try argue with us please, it will end up wasting as much time as eating celery with no dip when you’re actually hungry.

In the first episode (which has since been taken down for some reason) Young Brosolino is grilled for 100% of the show and takes you around his hometown – New York City. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite episodes to wet your appetites.


Young Brosolino, never change.


The Halfway Crooks

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