Grow Up. Get A Real Job. Drive.

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 7th March 2017

Brands worldwide just can’t get enough of A$AP Rocky right now, and Mercedes Benz is the latest one to jump into bed with your boy Pretty Flacko – for their latest campaign: Grow Up.

Seeing “Grow Up” as a campaign slogan connected to Mercedes Benz immediately conjures up images of a couple pompous, old¬†bankers chilling at the country club, but the crew at Benz have taken it in a completely different direction, and we love it. The campaign ties into the all the myths surrounding growing up and what you’re “supposed to do”. Check the side-bar for more.

The video revolves around Rocky’s life growing up and the influence of his older brother, who was tragically killed, but not before instilling the self belief and drive that has got A$AP to where he is today – with a “Real Job” as a Hip-Hop superstar.

Pretty powerful stuff


The Halfway Crooks

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