Hare Squead – Herside Story

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 27th November 2016

The soundtrack to this slow, sunny Sunday.

Hare Squead are an unexpected breath of fresh air straight off the Emerald Isle. Yup – Ireland. This trio exhibit a style crafted from pieces their favourites and it all comes together rather nicely. Although Ireland is in the infancy of creating a unique sound of hip-hop, you can expect to hear a lot of Brixton/grime influenced stuff, moulded with pretty much anything else really. Hare Squead bring a summertime vibe through on this track just in time for Southern Summer. A slip n slide beat complimented by the smooth flow from H, Tony and Jessy Rose. We’ve been jamming this one around the pool with a couple beers in hand.

I’ll tell you what, it comes highly recommended, courtesy of The Crooks.

Treat Yourselves

A Halfway Crook

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