Heineken Wins – Again

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 27th April 2017

It doesn’t get any crisper than a cold Heineken, that’s not even up for debate. The world leaders in beer have now also proved that they boast a marketing team to match their sweet, golden nectar.

This campaign has been framed by many as a reaction to Pepsi and Kendal Jenner’s horror shocker take on civil society’s big issues at the moment. By acting like a Pepsi would solve the world’s problems, they made the common mistake of downplaying serious issues. As much as this is a great reaction to that Pepsi nonsense, it’s also a wonderful stand-alone campaign, and should viewed as such.

Heineken did what the world currently needs to progress forward – incite meaningful discussion. Instead of pretending it’s all ok, they faced the issues head on and attempted to encourage real conversation in order to challenge people’s views. This campaign is as inspiring as it gets currently, just as sipping a cold Heineken is the most inspiring¬†thing you can do to your current mood.

Bringing together “Worlds Apart” for a future with a fighting chance.

Well played Heineken, well played.


The Halfway Crooks

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