Hoopin’ In Low Tops

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 9th January 2017

GQ had a sit down with James Harden a couple of weeks back and tell you what the man is the ultimate G. The interview looked at the gear, kicks and cars that Harden straps himself with in different situations. Now when you ballin’ as hard as this cuz – at the top if his game, releasing his own kicks with his sponsors Adidas – you have all the right to behave as piggish as you want.

As expected the beard’s game is on point, presenting a lifestyle that epitomises the meaning of swag!

GQ: If you going to work out what car would you drive with these (Harden Vol.1)?

Harden: “Probably my Range Rover, just cause its more casual, more laid back. Go in, get a good sweat in, get a good workout in and feel good about yourself.”

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Halfway Crooks

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