Kanye West Stole Cassper Nyovest’s Stage

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 18th October 2016

It’s common knowledge that Kanye West has been progressively losing the plot, but this is a step too far in our minds.

During this weekend Kanye West went online stating that “unnamed people” have been copying the floating stage he’s using during his Pablo tour.

“This the original, accept no imitations! You with the rap God right now. N****s be copying our shit bro. Stealin’ our shit, stealin’ our stages. Copying our shit one-to-one.”

The internet then went on a wild goose chase and found images of Cassper‘s stage from when he filled up the dome last year. Yes, LAST YEAR.

Cassper wasted no time setting the record straight, and even used it to promote #FillUpOrlandoStadium to a wider audience.

He might be able to forgive and forget, and even think about handing out a couple tickets to #FillUpOrlando to those haters, but we aren’t.

So we’re going on record to officially say: Kanye West… Gerrarra here man! We’re tired of these clowns throwing shade on our boy Cassper, because he’s about to make history and fill up Orlando Stadium. Kanye Wack, if you ask us.

Are you guys willing to forgive Kanye? Let us know in the comments


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