Killing this beat like Maleven

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 16th February 2017

Uno July  has just dropped the video for his power track with YoungstaNative Yard 57. 

The trap beat is raw and hard but Uno and Youngsta go in even harder.

“If you work for radio please watch your step ou because I might get you outside Shoprite Checkers with a / AK47 / Native Yard 57”

[Only Youngsta could make that flow]

The track is a middle finger to a system that has under-appreciated these two masters for too damn long now.

The video brings as much heat, with a real unique flair. Initially they’re in a “red light” record shop, before they hit the streets of Jozi, meeting up with some gangster kids on the way.

“Native Yard 57 / Oh My God I’m a Skelem”

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