Kirby Jenner is Our Favourtie Kardashian

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 23rd December 2016

Kirby Jenner is the best thing to come out of the 2kKardashian decade by a country mile.

We attempt to avoid everything relating to the family just for our own safety, because it’s pretty much public knowledge that they have cursed every male that has come into their presence, with the exception of French Montana (no voodoo can stop your boy Freeench).

But our day has been made so much better by the legendary Kirby Jenner. There have been plenty of haters saying his photo’s are fake and that he isn’t really Kendal Jenner’s twin. Take a look at his Instagram and decide for yourself:


So spread the word and don’t let the Kardashians squash the guy with the strongest caption game in the whole family.


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