Making Monday Great Again

By Mayo / Word on the Street / 8th May 2017

The weekend has come and gone, you either indulged too much or too little in your relief of choice and now you are sitting in that desk wondering how you could’ve done two days better. Fear not as we have something for you to add a smile on this monotonously bland day.

For those of you that have not, please meet Chris Rogers. Chris is a local South African filmmaker currently traveling the world making us despise our day jobs. Chris has been on the local scene for a while and has an eye like no other for putting together minutes of pure visual bliss. Besides from getting the best angles the man has a knack for editing that is truly remarkable. He has been shooting for GoPro and we cant wait to see what else he has in store for us.

Chris recently launched a concept #MakeMondaysGreatAgain where he has been releasing his latest video on a Monday via his Youtube channel Chris Rogers.

Dedicate some time and check some of his work below.

BMX Cape Town

Sri Lanka with Caspar Lee

Summer at The Lake

Maldives with Chis

Shredding that Powder

The man is testament to the young film talent and creative generation that we have coming through in South Africa and we hope he continues to improve our mood every Monday morning!

For more info check out his Youtube channel. We definitely will.

Photo Cred: Chris Rogers


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