Master Of Bounce

By Archie / Bottom Posts / 18th October 2016

Members these chaps have done something special – Foot Locker Europe and Adidas Originals have presented a dam tight exclusive collection of five of the freshest Adidas kicks out there. But with this being said they have really caught our eye with one pair of kicks.

The EXCLUSIVE NMD Master Craft! Looking at these kicks brings tears to our eyes. The amount of bounce and self belief that must come along with wearing a pair of these is probably sensational!





The only way for us to convey the feeling that must come with wearing a pair of these shoes is for ya’ll to listen to this beat!

O wait! Sorry we got so caught up in the blessings that a pair of these shoes would bring we forgot to let you know about the rest of the Master Craft collection. So now that we all outta words we figured we just give a young clip to take you through the rest!


Halfway Crooks


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