Mother City Bringing The Heat

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 16th November 2016

Recently we’ve seen festivals celebrating not just music, but the culture around it popping up all the over the world. Events such as Complexcon in California have been incredibly well received and we would go as far as to say game changing.

Now you, like us, might have been wondering when it was Cape Town’s turn. Well look no further, because the time has arrived. Next Saturday (26 November) the storm that is Mother City Live is set to make landfall, going all out to live up to its claim of being Cape Town’s most diverse food and arts festival. A celebration of the culture that surrounds Cape Town, with great food, art and music.

The highly anticipated festival already had fans clamouring after dropping its stacked lineup. Featuring Cape Town sensation Jimmy Nevis as well as other prominent local talents including YoungstaCPT, Opposite The Other and Grassy Spark. The lineup even got the international treatment with Zimbabwean hit-maker Tehn Diamond

Bongile Dube – Greenback Media Group’s Head of Events has been qouted saying:

Mother City Live’s mission statement will always be to have a lineup made up of at least 80% local talent

The festival forms part of the Woodstock Live 2016 series offering in Trafalgar Park. Their objective is to creative socially inclusive events which reignite the use of this historic space. 

Dope Saint Jude :

“It’s an honour to be invited to perform for my own city. Cape Town has so much diversity for us all to share and enjoy- I am proud to be at to be a part of that.”

The list of artists alone is reason to grab a ticket immediately, but this promises to be so much more.

There are still a couple tickets available here

But don’t sleep on these, because they’re moving fast.

Check out the Full Line-up:

  • Dunn Kidda
  • Lana Crowster
  • Jimmy Nevis
  • Diggy Bongz
  • Simmysimmynya
  • Rowlene
  • Uno July
  • Yannick DRM
  • Gremlin
  • Liv Die
  • Jamie Palm
  • Mobbing Bali
  • Blaq Slim
  • Uncool Luke
  • Mark Akol
  • Tehn Diamond
  • YoungstaCPT
  • Opposite The Other
  • Katt Daddy
  • Grassy Spark
  • Dope Saint Jude
  • VJ Jonno
  • Janice
  • Audiojerk
  • The Liminals
  • Phresh Clique
  • Noa Milan
  • Vuyo Renene
  • Raphasosyk
  • Black Wiz
  • Travis
  • Lorendzo


The team are still looking for the following vendors & exhibitors:

– Food

– Arts and Crafts

– Fashion

– Milkshake/slushes

– Children’s Rides & Games

If you’re interested or need would like any more info:


Facebook URL: @woodstocklive7925 | @gbMediaGroup
Twitter URL: @woodstock_live     | @gbMediaGroup
Instagram: @woodstocklive7925 | @gbMediaGroup



The Kaggen Music and Culture Trust is focused on creating new cultural social cohesion platforms in the City of Cape Town, province and nationally. The trust is developing projects nationally as well as collaborating with international partners.

Greenback Media Group would like to thank:

  • Standard Bank
  • Tovaritch
  • Mokai Cult World
  • and the people of Cape Town for making Mother City Live possible

We’ll see you there


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