Nike Announces Air Jordan Golf Shoe

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 7th February 2017

We’re not exactly sure what Nike‘s plan is regarding their future in golf. They’ve stopped making clubs and balls, and for all money looked like they were moving towards pulling out of the game.

They have since announced they plan to allocate more time and resources to golf shoes and apparel, but never in our wildest dreams did we think that would mean they would start dropping Jordans up in this bitch.

Yesterday the announced that would be dropping the first ever Air Jordan golf shoe on the 10th of Feb. Seems like a bold strategy but we’re keen to see how it works out. The only question we have is:

Will it be Tiger or Rory, Nike’s big dogs, who reckons he’s gangster enough to rock these first?

Tiger is the real OG, always has been, but Rory is known for keeping his kick game 100. Like at last year’s Masters when he gave a nod to Kobe Bryant by rocking golf shoes with “4/13” inscribed on them. (The date of Kobe’s last game)

The dark horse in the race to rock Jordans is of course Keegan Bradley. Although he hasn’t been playing his best golf lately, he’s never shied away from a crisp pair of kicks on the course. Like these Nikes sporting Jordan’s number. (When he returned to the league in 1995)

Will the world of golf accept Air Jordan’s with open arms, or will they remain reserved for the few players that can pull them off. We’re excited to find out.

Would you back yourself? Let us know in the comments.


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