No Trap Just Boom Bap

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 31st January 2017

On the 27th of January, Cape Town’s favourite son; Youngsta dropped his 27th mixtape.

He teamed up with producer Maloon The Boom and together they’ve made a real magical treat. As Youngsta himself said: “no trap just boom bap”. They put the team on their back and jammed the whole tape out with no features, and we’re not complaining. Youngsta‘s powerful as ever lyrical flow comes through over some bouncy beats.

The tape opens up with a raw spit over a fresh beat on International Naaiers. Immediately establishing the style you can expect from the tape, and making it clear that your boy Youngsta is ready to take this shit international. About time we reckon, this man still isn’t getting the recognition his lyrical skill deserves.

We’re just going to get to say this now before we start repeating ourselves – the beats and production on every single bar of this mixtape are world fucking class. The diversity of the tracks, whilst they cling to the funky boom bap style, is in all honesty astounding. The production on this mixtape is some of the best we’ve seen in SA in a while. Period. It probably won’t get the recognition it deserves because the dial code isn’t 011, but we won’t get into that now.

“No matter where I go I permie know the shady characters”

He gets deep on Daily Meditation; “we holy guys / with gangster personalities”. The beat on this one is real clean with a juicy snare-kick drum combo.

“You can make love to this song / or you can cry to it”

Danz – the tape’s most groovy track, transports you to a Compton dance floor in the 90’s. Youngsta even gets lyrical as we hear him crooning on the intro.

Sturvy is dripping with Kaap flavour. Youngtsa gets into it over a deviously bouncy beat, and the hook’s got us in a bit of trouble already – rolling around the streets singing “Why the fuck you sturvy?”

Death Is Certain is an ode to fallen friends. It’s dark and beautiful and your boy drops some self reflection that’s reminisce of an old Biggie track.

“I navigate my way through these cold streets / I left a message to God / in case we don’t meet”

Halfway Crooks top 5 tracks:

It’s tricky to pick a favourite because we’re so impressed by this whole mixtape, but here’s a top 5.

  • Sturvy
  • Old Wounds
  • Naughty By Nature
  • Popularity Contest
  • Danz

You can feel the chemistry between Maloon The Boom and Youngsta throughout the tape, with numerous references such as the spoken part at the end of International Naaiers and lines like:

“Maloon told me all your snares sound the same hayi shame/ So maybe it’s your producers to blame”

It all came together perfectly on this one and we hope to see more from the team in the future. Maloon The Boom cements his position as one the best on the beats, and Youngtsa showcases his range by tackling so many issues and different sounds throughout the tape.



What a treat to start 2017 off. We’re hoping to hear some of these nommers live at CTEMF in a couple weeks.


A Halfway Crook

Image Credit // Youngsta

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