Nora En Pure Remixes Kyle Watson and Pop Art’s “Sink Deep”

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 22nd December 2016

Wow it really is Christmas. We’ve got 3 of The Crooks’ favourite artists all in one place on this one. Kyle Watson and Pop Art‘s Sink Deep is definately in our top five tracks to see live. (if you haven’t seen Pop Art live yet, you’ve really been fucking around).

When we saw that Nora En Pure jumped on the remix we knew were in for a treat; but at the same time intrigued at the direction she would take it. Unsurprisingly, you could throw Pop Art’s vocals over any beat and it would slide. The track has that classic Nora En Pure headbump and together it all just works.

It warms our hearts to see South Africans teaming up to make world class music, and we’ll be jamming this one everywhere this Summer.


A Halfway Crook

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