Notorious B.I.G Documentary

By Archie / Word on the Street / 15th February 2017


It’s official people; there is a new Notorious B.I.G documentary in the pipeline. The documentary – Notorious B.I.G: One More Chance will be directed by Emmet and Brendan Malloy and will be validated through the inclusion of B.I.G’s mother, Violetta Wallace. 

Emmet Malloy:“The challenge of making a film about one of the most influential artists of my generation is what I live for as a filmmaker.”

Yes there have been attempts to document the life of the late great Notorious, however never have they received the full backing of the man’s family. A documentary such as this one is long overdue and we are absolutely itching for the release of it!

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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