Old Skool “Jamaica”

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 20th April 2017

Okay fam, this right over here is one for the books. In all seriousness though, this could quite possibly be the tightest collaboration we will see this year. The only worry is that these have been designed for the fast approaching summer season in the northern hemisphere, so for all of us down south who are jacketing’ the f*ck up and sliding on the boots preparing for the Winter – we might not be able to do these kicks justice.

But regardless you just have to snatch up a pair of these groovy kicks, they just ooze good times.  So without further a due we give to you the Concept X Vans Old Skool “Jamaica”.

So Concepts hooked up with Vans for this exclusive collaboration bringing to you a combination of three of the funkiest kicks out there – they literally scream beach, coconut, palm trees and blunts. Inspired by a vintage jamaican print the trio shows off a colour range of green, off-white, and a groovy orange.

Bless it.

Halfway Crooks

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