ORIGINAL is never finished [Video]

By Mayo / Word on the Street / 20th January 2017

Seeing as we are on the topic, the guys at adidas Originals are at it again but this time have presented to us a piece of cinematic brilliance to launch their new Original Is Never Finished campaign. Adidas have put mass emphasis of late on repositioning themselves from a pure performance brand into something that is more culturally significant – and thus the ideal that they are a brand made for people who are different.

This campaign takes us deeper into the roots of Adidas’s process and has laid down a challenge to the new generation to redefine the meaning of what it is to be truly original. And yes of course, what would any campaign launch be without a star-studded squad to add some credibility. They have called in the likes of Snoop Dogg, Dev Hynes, Stormzy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Brandon Ingram to add some flavour to the powerful imagery they are putting across in their mixing pot of hipsters and masked members racing through darkened warehouses. We believe they nailed the connection between Urban Art and original expression; without going so dark as to chase the average-Joe in Puma tekkies away, from fear of his mother hunting him down with a drug-test after he bought a pair of kicks. Have a gander and see if its for you!

The best part about it is that the advert was produced by legendary South African director, Terence Neal, who was also the brains behind Skrillex’s Ragga Bomb and a creative collaboration with Die Antwoord in 2012.

“Not one to choose sides, Terence’s talent is to employ both visual and narrative storytelling in his work. Although he’s not one to list his awards or accolades, let’s just say he has received a fair amount of them. He also named his cat Steve Martin, which we think is example enough of his intelligence and talent. Terence is represented by RSA Films for UK and USA.” – Egg Films

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