Originals Meet Boost

By Mayo / Bottom Posts / 19th January 2017

The end of January is near, the coffers are dry and guys are waiting on that next paycheck like your mate Jim to move out the friend-zone. Patience Jim. Fear not though as we have just organized your life and presented you with a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of your first potential gift to yourself for the shortest month of the year. The members at Adidas have been waving their magic wands around and have taken the original Forrest Gump-era runners and slapped some new life into them in the form of a comfy boost™  mid-sole. And boy do they look pretty.

The Adidas Iniki Runner Boost is a perfect combination of everything we love about Adidas Originals and the latest boost™ ranges. The wanted love child of authenticity and functionality. The Iniki’s have just dropped in a few outlets in the US-of-A but will only be available for international online purchases from roughly the end of Feb. So best phone every uncle and cousin that side and ask them to keep you a pair! For those of us without such wide-spread relatives, patience is the name of the game.


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