Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’

By Big Red / Bottom Posts / 6th January 2017

Kid Cudi is at it again with his latest release “Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin,” which dropped on 16 December 2016.

Kid’s latest release follows his recent announcement that he checked into rehab, citing overwhelming depression and anxiety (see post here). His struggle with depression didn’t hold him back at all. In fact, the album contains 19 burning tracks, each one better than the next.

The opening track, “Frequency“, starts off with Kid’s trade mark deep hum and breaks off with Kid’s classic downtempo beats and simple lyrics. The album eases in with similar tracks in “Swim in the Light” and “Releaser“. “Swim in the Light” stands out as one of the few tracks on the album that Kid uses to shed some light on his battle against depression.

The lyrics:

“You can try and numb the pain but it will never go away”

hits like a freight train.

With the help of the one and only Andre 3000, Kid absolutely destroys it with the track “By Design“. This track will no doubt get even the tamest jols bumping, but without suffering the same death-by-overplay that “Day and Night” suffered at Plett Rage ’09. The album gets a bit darker, but by no means drops in heat, as the tracks “Baptized in Fire feat. Travis Scott” hits midway through. The weirder side of Kid which we’ve come to know and love breaks right though in “Distant Fantasies” and “Wounds“. What would a Kid album be without a strong helping of flame-grilled weird?

15 songs in and you simply cannot believe that it can get any better. But surprise suprise – it does. If this album was a chocolate sundae, the first half of the album would be that classic vanilla ice cream – then come the toppings. “The Guide“, which features yet another lyrical masterpiece by Andre 3000, drops on the album like the thickest, creamiest hot chocolate sauce you’ve ever tasted. Sweet and colorful sprinkles are sprinkled all over the place by “The Commander“. Then comes the grand finale – Kid’s second collab with Pharrell  the juicy cherry on top.

Big ups to Kid, who has provided us with the tastiest chocolate sundae in the game. Even at his lowest, he provided us with his highest.


A Halfway Crook

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