Pioneering the Harden

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 25th October 2016

So for all the members who didn’t know, Rockets point guard James Harden was snatched up from Nike in a flavoursome $200 million deal offered to him by Adidas at the end of last year. His decision to change up the game was, according to him, not influenced by the dolla’ on offer! (Ha ha whatever you tell yourself to help you sleep at night cuz)


Any how, the man presented the change as a result of the need for “creation”. Well creation is what Harden has done, launching in early December – the new Adidas Harden Vol. 1 “Pioneer”. However, there is a twist to this story! With Adidas presenting ambassadors such as Kanye & Pharrell, one would feel there input would be priceless; Harden didn’t seem to think so, expressing that a collaboration would be looked into in the future and wanted his first pair of kicks to represent him in his entirety.

To be dead honest the Crooks aren’t the biggest fans of what he has managed to create, but maybe they grow on us. Let us know your thoughts!



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