Prada Has Lost The Plot

By Billy The Kid / Kicks | Lids / 27th February 2017

When I saw the photos of the shoes emerge I was initially in shock. It had to be a joke. Those sandals I used hide from my mom had been found, and by the designers of Prada no less.

They have been described by Highsnobiety as:

“..a slick, sporty choice for anyone looking to give their feet a bit of air. They’re also the ideal sandals if you’re looking to make a statement, especially with the red and blue patterned straps.”

Look unless the statement you’re trying to make is, “Please help me I’m a time-travelling tourist lost in your country, and this millennium” then I think these are the wrong kind of statement-making shoes to (literally) strap to your feet.

There is a right to way merge luxury brands with the street, just ask Louis Vutton and Supreme, they nailed it… Prada however, has just done completely the opposite with these sandals.


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