Reengineering The 530 Balance

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 7th February 2017

Stop it man – New Balance are actually just being childish now. I mean we were helluva impressed after they dropped the groovy 247’s and now these okes reckon it’s just not enough?! So they go out and reengineer the already gangster 530’s to bring to you a crisp new kick to match the season.

The reengineered New Balance 530’s may just be one of their top kicks yet [acting like all their kicks aren’t all top class]. Where do we begin with these, what they’ve done here is gorgeous! Going with the more slender, less bulky look these 530’s offer all round practicality. Longs or shorts your leg game doesn’t have to be on point to pull these off. Unlike that of the 547’s , where we find a bulkier kick that ends up looking like a boat on those of you who constantly skip leg-day [its the fundamentals people – like brushing your teeth, just stop being a pussy]. These kicks are so tight, you can’t be cruising the streets without the adequate protection – I mean these are probably going to cost you an arm and a leg to begin with. So hook yourself up with all the protection your kicks need and deserve with the range of products from the members at Sneaker LAB.

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