Release the Beast

By Archie / Beats / 15th November 2016

Voices From The Beast (Mixtape)

There’s a new crew on the block! Hitting you up straight out the East and keeping it 100% G, we give to you Blaqverse! Presenting a collection of young composers releasing their voices from the Beast! (Keeping it strictly EC) 

Blaqverse presents itself as a unified collaboration of three exceptional talents, through which their lyrical flow conveys a singular voice. But you would be mistaken in thinking that the individual’s influence would characterize that of Blaqverse, as what Blaqverse represents is truly special.

“Blaqverse  is a pure  rap artist but  like  all  rap artist  he  is protected  by  making  music  which  is  in  the sphere  of  hip  hop. To Blaqverse  Hip-Hop  is  an  acronym  that  stands for Her  Infinite  Power  (HIP)  Helps  Oppressed  People (HOP)  and  he  tries  to  make  his music  according  to  this  guideline.”

To over look these members would represent a serious fault on your behalf. The quality of their sound, as well as showing off an original flow can only be bettered through their in-depth lyrical game.

Watch the space members – cause this Beast is about to be unleashed on the SA Hip Hop scene. For more on what is on offer check out – Blaqverse.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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