Rich Chigga – Seventeen

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 22nd December 2016

The Indonesian sensation Rich Chigga is back with another one. He goes in on his latest track Seventeen.

There’s just something about this kid that’s got the whole world (us included) fascinated. It’s like Gangnam Style but thug. Really thug. Like looking mean in a pink golf shirt and Reebok fanny pack thug. He’s also become the poster boy for the genre Asian Drill Rap which is a genre that really excites us.

If you haven’t heard his break out track Dat Stick then climb out of from under that rock and stream the video below, with reactions from rappers like GoldlinkDesiigner and Ghostface Killah.

Keep an eye on this kid, because he’s proving that he’s not just a fad.


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