Ridiculous Beef

By Archie / Word on the Street / 18th January 2017

Okay chaps so we not sure if you’ve heard about it, but here’s a taste of some of the most ridiculous beef that’s going down between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy – apparently it all started (according to Soulja Boy) when he liked one of Karreuche Trans instagram posts. Whether or not this is true is completely irrelevant, what followed is the most childish thing!

So these clowns are now apparently having a fight night and the best part about it is they have their own damn trainers. Floyd Mayweather stuck his hand up and is now sitting in Soulja Boy’s corner – once word had spread about this your boy Mike Tyson just couldn’t help himself and will now be training Chris Brown. Tyson is so keen on this the man even dropped a track and made a music video!

Its f*cking classic – but in Mike’s defense his track only came after Soulja Boy dropped a diss track – Hit Em With The Draco, where he has a dig at 50 Cent and Chris Brown.

If this is the way the year is heading, then its damn sure going to be one ridiculous 2017 and frankly – we so excited!

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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