Risky Business with Matt Bromley

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 13th December 2016


Cover Photo// Brett Bielman

South African big wave surfer Matt Bromley and legendary film maker Guy Mac travelled the world in search of the biggest waves and riskiest situations they could put themselves in. 90% percent of the waves in the movie will have you covering your face with shock and the other 10% will have you foaming at the mouth, as you lie to yourself and act like you would have made the drop.

Risky Business from Guy Mac on Vimeo.

25 year old Matt is fast becoming a legend in the big wave surfing game, largely based to his complete lack of fear and humble personality that endears himself to everyone he comes across. Not only was he one of the stand-out performers at the biggest session in decades at Jaws, but he is also credited with changing the way that people surf the angry Irish slab, Mullaghmore – by sitting right on the ledge and dropping into the barrel section. A move that is reserved for clinically insane surfers with no fear of death. He also paddled into a wave at Nias that has been called the biggest wave ever paddled into in Indonesia, the best part being that it was pretty much an impossible close out – Legend.

We’re incredibly proud of the guys and the tireless work that went into putting this together and we can’t wait to see what’s in store from Matt and Guy Mac in the future.


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