Salty Like Bags of Them Lays

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 8th January 2017

F L A C O – RunOnSentence

FLACO is a young MC from Indianapolis in The US and is bursting onto the scene with a very unique style. His track Dandelions (see below) blew up in November ’16 and he’s capitalised on the momentum since.

He dropped his latest project sleepinginjeans on new years eve. So basically while you where crawling around at 11:55 trying to find someone drunk enough to kiss you, your boy FLACO was on that grind. Impressive to say the least.

Our favourite track of the tape is RunOnSentence. It showcases the man’s talent as he seemlessly switches up the flow on the verse before dropping a catchy hook done by the man himself. The track sounds like it could have been done by at least 4 different artists, which is a demonstration of the talent young FLACO has. Coupled with his obvious dedication, it’s looking like a recipe for success. Keep your eye on this guy in the rest of 2017.

“Ima fly under the radar, you salty like bags of them Lays are”

Check the video for Dandelion, but don’t ask us to explain the white rasta rolling out in Abercrombie and Fitch in the background – we’re as confused as you are.


The Halfway Crooks

Image Credit // Tyler Hoyt 

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