Something Completely Different

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 18th April 2017

PHFAT and Mac Motel teamed up for a chillwave, hip-hop track that is unlike anything we’ve heard from either of them. They both stepped out of their norms for the track and it came out beautifully.

The video by award winning director; Rob Smith is a piece of art unto itself, and merges perfectly with the wavy track.

“It’s kind of an ode to all my high school crushes, you know? Like an ode to making mixtapes, and buying two tickets to a dance, and playing out whole lifetimes in your head while you daydream in maths class,”

– Mike

“I’ve been working on really smooth hip hop joints on the sly since about 2012; really just for me to listen to. I showed some of it to Mike and it was obvious that he’d been repressing some of his own inclinations to make some more mellow stuff. It was new territory for both of us sonically but it just felt like a rad match.”

– Mac Motel

We love to see local artist collaborating to produce art of a world class calibre, and this right here is a perfect example.


The Halfway Crooks

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