Springboks Win Over the Wallabies Last Night

By Bugsy / Sports / 2nd October 2016


Finally we’ve actually won a game against opponents we can be proud of fronting up against, and look maybe it wasn’t the flashiest game The Springboks have ever played – but at this stage as long as we putting the performance to gain the W, we as supporters can have faith in the buggers’ development.

The first half saw us putting together passages of play with amazing hands and great hard lines. It’s not often you see a team play a 6-2 bench, and it almost cost us in the end, having to make use of flank Jaco Kriel on the wing.

Our defense on the other hand was completely revitalised this week, with the boys absolutely smothering the Aussies attack. All of our points came through the boot of Morne Steyn who, despite critics, supplied a solid performance. Even though a win was the end result our back line performance seemed to be less than desirable, this could however be attributed to the fact that players such as Francois Hoggard, Jessie Kriel and Juan De Jongh found themselves all playing out of position.  All in all we haven’t been this happy after a Springbok game in a long time, and with this rejuvenated sense of hope we can only back our boys as they prepare to take on the All Blacks at Kings Park next Saturday.

Morne Steyn

Allister made a big decision bringing back Morne Steyn who hasn’t started a game for the springboks since 2014. His boot fired over all 18 points proving, to his haters that currently he is the answer for the boys. He was cool as a cucumber with an aerial show of drop goals and proving that defensively he was up to the challenge.

Adriaan Strauss

Yesterday saw us come to witness the performance of the old Adriaan Strauss, the Adriaan Strauss that we came to love and respect, the Adriaan Strauss that made as many meters as possible and who could carry the team on his back. With the pack feeding off his energy in the scrums and taking the Aussies on upfront, we feel he proved to be the deciding factor between the two sides.







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