Stormzy is Laying Down the Law

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 9th February 2017

The UK king of Grime is coming at the worldwide music scene like a fucking freight train. He’s been going in over dirty beats with unbelievable flow. If you’re heading off to go stomp someone or just not in the mood to exercise, slip this man’s new tracks in your ears and go get it done.

He’s been previously known for his pop tracks, but he’s shifted it up a gear and is showing the world that he’s really a raw, real MC at heart. In his video for “Shut Up” he keeps it simple and lays out a full track in one park session, surrounded by all his boys. It’s so impressive that you literally cannot tear your eyes away, from start to finish. The video perfectly conveys the message, “I’m here, and I’m not bringing all the frills and effects. It’s Hip Hop at it’s rawest, and if you don’t like it shut up.”

The follow up – “Big For Your Boots” is a statement of intent. He lays it down in a uniquely English video, with shots from the local fish n chips shop and scenes of him cruising the London streets atop a police car.

Listen bruv, Stormzy ain’t messing around no more – and we love it.

Check the side bar to watch him rap his boy (and ours) out – Anthony Joshua


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