Sunday Night Dunks

By Bugsy / Sports / 16th October 2016

Rugby is still a game for all shapes and sizes, but the professional era has transformed our international players into world-class athletes.

For so many years a hooker has fitted a very one dimensional role on the field. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the position;

“The hooker is positioned between the two props in the scrum and generally throws the ball into the line-out.¬†After the scrumhalf has put the ball into the scrum, the hookers use their feet to “hook” the ball back and win possession for their team. Hookers generally have a short back and long arms to aid in binding to the props.”

Now while that still applies to your Sunday league classic; Dane Coles blows every other hooker out of the water. He should be given a 1 in front of the 2 on his back. He’s literally changed the role hookers have to play, forever. This guy runs hard lines, with ball-handling skills that spark the crowd to their feet. His defense is like North Korea’s border. He is also part and parcel of the greatest All Blacks team we’ve ever seen

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