Tasty Tuesday: Bugus

By Archie / Beats / 9th May 2017

Who is Bugus?

So the other day one of the members was scanning through what iTunes had to offer and stumbled across this track called Free Bird by this gent named Bugus – We hit play and turned the volume up a couple of clicks. What happened next changed our lives.

Straight after this track touched us we had to do some further digging to try explain where this chap had come from. It turns out this young blood has been hustling for a while now, coming straight out of Atlanta – working with well known rapper/producer; Russ to make up what is known as DIEMON (Do It Everyday Music or Nothing).

In attempt to give all the members a feel for these gents tunes, we put together a couple of their tracks which we reckon are absolute fire!

For more on what these champs have to offer check out the soundcloud account or hit up their official website DIEMON.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks



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