Tasty Tuesday [Huey Mack]

By Archie / Beats / 6th December 2016

Joseph Dalton Michael, or to all the fans out there – Huey Mack! Born in 1991 Mack’s story is similar to that of a number of young rap artists. Starting out at the age of 14, Huey began to put rhymes down on paper, however for the large majority of his teenage years music to Huey was a side hobby. In his closing years as a teen we began to see Mack step-up his game and take his music to a whole new level.

This growth saw Huey releasing mixtape’s – Wish Me Luck & A Boy Named Hue. A combination between the releases as well as Huey going on tour found him starting to develop a following of dedicated young fans. This found Huey’s mixtape – A Boy Named Hue [2012] assisting him in his take off into the hip-hop & rap scene, with I Want It All being the standout track for the Crooks.

The growth of his fan base and the unflinching loyalty to the brand of hip-hop & rap that Huey presented, enable the production and presentation of his debut album – Pretending Perfection [2013]. This album, being his debut, represented the first time since his beginnings that Huey was able to apply his undivided attention to the creation of his rhymes.

However, as Crooks we must add that this album did not appeal to us as much as his previous mixtape – A Boy Named Hue, which we felt had songs that stood out above all those presented in his debut album.

After the release of his debut, the world saw Huey go quite for the following year. This was obviously due to the need for him to go deep into the grind on the development of his following album – Things Change [2015]. Which saw Huey sticking with his original flow and matching up with the likes of; Afrojack, Twista, Goody Grace and Mike Stud.

With 2015 setting Huey in good stead, with his fans being extremely receptive to the album Things Change,  the man decided to not hold back on releasing his third album a year later – The Longest Year Of My Life [2016]. Members this flavorsome album, we feel, is turning out to be better than his original mixtape A Boy Named Hue. 


Mixing it up with a different variation of feels and rhythm, Huey Mack may have just killed it with his latest  album.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this brother! The guy is young, driven and strapped up with a lyrical flow thats bound to keep on producing the goods.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks.

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