Tasty Tuesday [Keystone State Of Mind]

By Archie / Beats / 22nd November 2016

Keystone State Of Mind, a line that has stuck with the Crooks for a couple of years now. The first time that this line caught our interest was back in our youth, you know, care free cruising – when we found ourselves stumbling along the song:

Ya we know – we had the exact same excitement that you all are feeling now after listening to that rhythm. Tayyib Ali, who’s this member?! So naturally we decided to have a look and see what more this man had to offer – so begins the journey through which we enlighten all ya’ll about our man: Tayyib Ali.

Philly born Tayyib Ali entered into the rap game from young age, applying the majority of his teenage years to perfecting his rhymes. It didn’t take long for this young blood to start turning up the heat and presenting himself as a serious contender.

His drive to succeed in the pursuit of his passion found Ali releasing his first album – Keystone State of Mind. This album proved to be something truly special, sporting tracks such as California Love and Keystone State of Mind as seen above. But what made the Crooks truly fall in love with this man’s groove was his track – Do It. 

The love that Ali received from the release of his first album saw him put work into the release of second album – Keystone State of Mind 2, [2013]. However, the level of stoke that the first album title received saw him sticking with it through to the second one.

To be honest with all you members – our love for the man my have faded a bit during the period of Keystone 2, with a large amount of his music not standing out for the Crooks. Regardless we held on and knew our man could bring it back!

What you reckon he did – we’ll tell you what. He didn’t let the squad down! Exhibiting the characteristics of an old champ, Ali bounced back with Keystone State of Mind 3 [2014]. Proving to the Crooks and all his fans that the man’s groove was timeless. For the Crooks the song that has really stuck with us from this album was: Bills 2 Pay! 

This track truly proved to gift it’s listeners with all the feels – the grooviest rhythm. The rest of the album followed the lead of Bills 2 Pay and just came to show the true class of the man.

The year 2015 saw Tayyib Ali moving in a different direction and putting the development of his Keystone State of Mind series on hold. This change in direction found him gracing us with his formal debut album – Ali [2015].  Tell you what chaps, what a damn debut album it was!

You would think the brother would slow down after doing back to back albums. But no – the guy just could not help himself. He’s in love with the game and is straight up killin’ it! Releasing the latest component of his series – Keystone State of Mind 4 [2016]. In true Crook fashion the man did not fail to deliver, gifting us yet again with another breath taking album.

Members if you’re into good summer feels and a groovy rhythm, Tayyib Ali is your man. Presenting a decorated history of the sickest Hip Hop, delivering all his listeners with the best on offer.  For more tracks have a look below at the young playlist that we put together – a couple of our favourite songs throughout the years.

Always remember – stay groovy

Yours Sincerely

Halfway Crooks

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