Tasty Tuesday: Khalid – Texas Soul

By Archie / Beats / 10th January 2017

How we let this enigma slip under the radar is a pressing question – but maybe we were just keeping his untouched innocence and poetic passion to ourselves for a little longer.

But without any further adue we give you – Khalid.

At the mere age of 18 this laatie is fresh out the classroom with more soul than Eddie Murphy’s soul patch. The kid’s voice is a beautiful harmony between old and new. Although at first his sweet tone may seem like your ear drums are being soothed by sweet honey, he surprises us with a depth that can only be owed to the raw Texan air he has been breathing and has left his vocal chords with a permanent southern quality.

Unfortunately this chief has yet drop us an album, but is strapped up with a soundcloud that offers all the feels. In all honesty his reluctance to release an album could be seen as pure genius –  suggesting that he seeks quality over quantity. Focusing on perfecting his sound and building his brand with each of the tracks he releases.

If the sounds of 18 year old, Texas grown, Khalid don’t impress you enough – this homie has only been making music since the summer of 2015!

Members, all that the Crooks know is – if his soundcloud is a free canapé for the courses to come, we staying for dinner.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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