Tasty Tuesday: Mad Squablz

By Archie / Beats / 7th February 2017

Mad Squablz – firstly what an unbelievable name, like the guy straight up killed it with that one! So who is this chap and what’s his story? Well the Crooks were scanning through the music scene a while back when this young blood popped up – spitting lyrics so deep even Em would be proud – with his track The Rise [check video below]. 

After listening to him jam in this tune we figured we had to dig a bit further into the life of Squablz.

It turns out that this lightie at only 19, based out of Philly, has been causing some serious damage. Delivering the goods at the Teambackpack Mission Underground last year, when he stole the show and was crowned king!

“Has so many styles that it is impossible to put him in a box.”

This lyrical genius has recently dropped his latest EP – The Art Of Boom Bat: Generation Next, which is the full package. The rhymes and lyrics that this kid is producing, though they may be raw, are something special. Some may say that one should jump on this train before it takes off – all we recommend is that you keep an eye on this space.

Get taste of all the man has to offer at Mad Squablz and let us know your thoughts on the champ.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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