Tasty Tuesday [Young Sinatra]

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 29th November 2016

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, or for all the fans out there – Logic. This man has had the attention of the Crooks for a while now, producing quality jamz throughout the course of his years infront of the mic.

Stepping into the hip-hop industry as a young blood, armed with a driven personality, Logic applied himself in the pursuit of proving a point. A mixtape titled – Young, Broke & Infamous [2010] was his induction into the game, and it immediately displayed his strong lyricism and superior flow.

However, the road travelled to Logic’s fame represents a journey undertaken by few other artists before him. The direction, which could be seen as what ultimately assisted him with the competitive advantage that he achieved over the other young up-and-coming artist within the industry – was the unflinching loyalty and respect of his fans.

You see, what the hustler did was true genius.  He realized that in order to truly stand above the rest he needed to be put on a podium, and in order to do so he needed to have the backing and a strong following of those in support of his rhymes.

So began Logic’s hustle and commitment to the growth of his fans. Applying his focus to producing music that spoke to his followers and going out of his way to service them at any chance he got. Through the release of his Young Sinatra chronology and consistently touring, Logic developed a powerful following, all in tune with beats he was dropping – Young Sinatra I, II and III.

We see the advantage that Logic achieved come into play when one looks at his success in relation to that of Trinidad James.

The two came into the game at the same time and numerous comparisons have been drawn between their success. Trinidad, unlike that of Logic, found himself releasing a smash track – All Gold Everything. Displaying close to 30 million views and really putting the man on the map. However, the fame that James found himself stumbling into was not sustained – it can be argued that the man wasn’t the real deal. Getting lucky with a one hit wonder, and the lack of dedicated fan base to carry the man through saw him kind of just fade out. While on the other hand we find Logic’s hard work and dedication leading him to signing a deal that changed his life.

After putting in the seemlessy endless grind, Def Jam records noticed him. Now Logic had been the poster boy of underground MC’s doing it independently and there were people out there who might have felt it was a betrayal, some even whispered he was “selling out”. The thing about selling out, it usually brings about a change of style, and you can tell the artist has handed over the reigns in an effort to grab a couple extra radio plays.

Logic blew this notion out the water when he dropped Under Pressure. A fitting title as the move and first album had him under immense pressure to prove he was still the Logic we love and know. He was also now touted as the next big thing, and was included on the cover of XXL Magazine as one of the 2013 Freshman class. As often happens when someone rises too quickly, the hyenas began to gather at the foot of the ladder; waiting for him to slip up.

Just for the record, we didn’t doubt him for a second. To be honest we burst with pride like a parent dropping their kid at school for the first time when we watched this video of him signing with Def Jam. The man hadn’t ceased being the realest of the real for the last three years. He surely wouldn’t budge on his conviction now.

He dropped Under Pressure and our trust was rewarded tenfold. He kept it classic and it came through like an extension of Young Sinatra, The legendary No I.D (808’s and Heartbreaks, Magna Carter Holy Grail) did the production and together they made magic. Logic’s loyal fan base showed their support and the kid sold 73 000 copies in the first week. That’s over R-million in a week friends – talk about hard work paying off. Under Pressure outsold numerous albums that released at the same time, by big names such as Iggy Azalea and Future. And even Mr. Worlwide himself – Pitbull.

Logic has since come out and said that Def Jam is there to help take things to the next level but the grind is still predominantly by him and the Visionary Music Group Ratpack. Creative control was part of his deal and plans to keep making music the Logic way for the indefinite future – music to the people’s ears.

This guy personifies the grind and the commitment to producing quality over everything. We can’t wait to see what he’s got next.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks

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